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15 Jul

Volunteer Spotlight: Scott Zumbahlen on Entrepreneur-Defined Success

What does a successful business look like? At RMMFI, we believe there is no one answer to that question. Every entrepreneur — and therefore every business — is different, and an inclusive economy is one where everyone can aspire toward the...
12 Jul

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Amy Raney

OWNER OF SPINDRIFT SANDBOARD RENTALS Amy Raney started her sandboarding business, SpinDrift Sandboard Rentals, in 2018 after living in the San Luis Valley for some time and seeing tourists go out of their way to rent sandboards on the other...
8 Jul

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Chelsey Pas

OWNER OF FRIENDS & LOVERS PHOTOGRAPHY Chelsey Pas has been a photographer professionally since 2009 when she returned from art school in British Columbia. At the time, she knew she wanted to be a full-time photographer but knew nothing...


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