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8 Sep

Tapping Entrepreneur Expertise with Community-Led Programming

RMMFI is a community, and that means information and support is not one directional. The entrepreneurs in our programs have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with our staff, their peers, and volunteers. We seek to tap that expertise by...
27 Aug

Do You Know the Boot Camp Grads on Team RMMFI?

Last week, we welcomed Pablo Saavedra as the newest member of the RMMFI team. If that name looks familiar, it’s because Pablo is a graduate of our most recent Aurora class of Business Launch Boot Camp. As he continues to build and grow his...
23 Aug

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Brittani Kay

OWNER OF NATIVE CONCIERGE Brittani wasn’t one of those kids who knew exactly what she wanted to do right after high school. She had thought about leaving the state but wasn't quite sure what she would do in a different place, so she...


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