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19 Jan

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jessica Berry

OWNER OF BOSCO BAKING CO. Jessica Berry is the owner of Bosco Baking Co., a baking company specializing in gluten-free desserts and pastries. Jessica’s romance with baking — and eating — desserts began abroad when she studied in Rome, Italy...
13 Jan

3,700 Hours of Community in Action

Last year, more than 200 RMMFI volunteers contributed over 3,700 hours to supporting inclusive entrepreneurship in Colorado. As mentors, workshop facilitators, loan reviewers, and more, volunteers shared their expertise and passion to help...
6 Jan

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Mark Hill

OWNER OF MERAKI CUSTOM CAKES Meraki Custom Cakes officially opened its doors in 2016, and Mark Hill is the creative behind this delicious edible art. It all started in 2012 when Mark was in a bind and needed a birthday cake for his mother at the...


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