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Good Food Good Living

Nine years ago, I found myself sick, tired, bloated, and miserable. I looked at myself and decided that I needed to make a drastic change. After paying many visits to my doctor for a complete evaluation and checkups, my results shocked me. I was anemic, had high cholesterol, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, and was diagnosed with PTSD. I was prescribed many medications, but I wondered if there was anything else I could be doing. I was concerned over potential side effects, but there was not definite alternative answer.

With the supervision of my doctors, I took additional measures in order to reclaim my health. I eliminated many things from the Standard American Diet, also known as SAD. In the summer of 2012, I began a 30-day detox that consisted of 13 juices, coconut water, two salads a day, along with a coffee enema. My doctors and I were happy to find that I was losing weight, effectively lowering my BMI, and getting my iron and vitamin levels back to normal. My hormones were stabilizing, and I was starting to feel younger.

Good Food, Good Living started out as in informative site, where I would share my findings with others. I wanted others to reclaim their health just like I had. Every path is different, and my path was no different. I wanted others to have an easier time than I had. Eventually, people started asking for photos and recipes, and I was glad to oblige.

It has been a long process, with countless hours put into creating Good Food Good Living. Although my path to get here was seemingly endless and messy, my mission remains the same – to provide and educate others about healthy eating, whether in the form of cooking classes, catering or meal preps, or my blog. Good Food Good Living is a place where good living starts, and I’m excited to see what the future has in store for us.

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