Denver Compost Collective

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Denver Compost Collective

Denver Compost Collective provides a weekly compost collection service for apartment dwellers, but there’s a whole lot more going on just under the surface!

It’s all about supporting our community. Once we’ve collected your “waste”, rather than trucking it away — it’s kept right here in town where we hand process it into a top-quality, nutrient-rich, finished compost. Our community farm partners regularly receive our compost and add it to their soils, which supports the soil greatly: improving its structure, adding fertility for crops, retaining water, and reintroducing critically important microbes back into the earth. This supports the farm’s efforts to grow healthy, natural food for our communities right here in Denver.

It’s a positive feed-back loop! Our compost collection program members’ weekly contributions enable Denver Compost Collective and its farm partners to feed the soil and grow more healthy food, while healing our ecosystems, while paying workers a good wage, while supporting community empowerment, while “starving” the big corporations that profit from landfilling our organic materials… all while we’re collectively minimizing climate-changing pollution at the radically local, “down to earth” level.

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