20 Tips for Stress Relief for Entrepreneurs

Starting a small business is anything but relaxing, and creating balance between your business personal lives might be your biggest challenge yet. But never fear: RMMFI is here to support you through every step of your journey! To help, here are 20 tips to help you relieve stress and create a healthy foundation for your business to thrive.


  1. Go for a walk or run outside. Some great urban options in Denver are:
    1. City Park
    2. Cheesman Park
    3. Washington Park
  2. Try Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  3. Watch a Ted Talk
  4. Color. Seriously.
    1. Under the Sea
    2. Mandala
    3. Houses
  5. Set a 30 minute timer and clean and/or tidy up some area of your home / room.
  6. Diffuse some peppermint essential oil. Don’t have a diffuser? Head to the store and inhale the tester of peppermint essential oil. Love it? Consider investing in it and a diffuser!
  7. Set a 30 minute timer and write. Write:
    1. Something that’s on your mind
    2. Something from one of these prompts
  8. Bake something
  9. Read a book or an article
  10. Make a cup of tea and enjoy it!
  11. Do a brain dump for ideas or tasks you’ve got piling up in your mind
  12. Take a nap – or do what you need to do to get a good night’s sleep
  13. Pick one thing on your to-do list and work on it or knock it out
  14. Listen to a podcast
  15. Plan and cook a healthy meal for yourself
  16. Try a Guided Imagery exercise
  17. Marinate on what’s causing the stress
  18. Call a friend
  19. Take a cold shower (yes, a cold one! – unless you have a heart condition)
  20. “Cool off” with an ice cream

By: Marc Retana, RMMFI Intern, and Rachel Levy-Culler

As always, BLBC grads and Class #20: We Urge You Endlessly On (#WUYEO)!