20 ways to save money

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  1. Budget, budget, budget!
  2. Money-tracking apps (think: Mint, BillGuard, or Goodbudget!)
  3. Transfer debt to a lower interest credit card
  4. Pick the right savings accounts
  5. Never ever pay full price!
  6. Pack your lunches!
  7. Invest in a coffeemaker
  8. Use the 24-hour rule: think over each non-essential purchase for 24 hours
  9. Unsubscribe from promotional emails from stores
  10. Pay your bills with autopay
  11. Car pool!
  12. Get off your cell phone contract
  13. Unplug unused devices
  14. Line dry your clothing
  15. Buy produce in season
  16. Grow your own herbs
  17. Shop higher or lower than eye level
  18. Switch to a credit union or community bank (How about our friends over at Denver Community Credit Union?!)
  19. Pay with cash
  20. Use the library!