Become a RMMFI Volunteer

There are many opportunities to get involved with RMMFI, from working directly with our entrepreneurs through mentorship and coaching to supporting the organization through events, research and development, and administration.

Our entrepreneurs are skilled in their craft or service and are working towards an actionable business plan.  Our mentors are supporting and helping the entrepreneur stretch and pivot their business model for the best success for the entrepreneur.

The Process

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1: Fill out the Volunteer Survey and we’ll be in touch!

2. Attend a programmatic event to experience our entrepreneurs and program!

3. Attend Community Orientation

4. Find the best fit!

Volunteer Opportunities

Boot Camp Mentor

Mentors and coaches support our entrepreneurs through our Business Launch Boot Camp by providing business knowledge and expertise (business mentors), Financial understanding (Financial mentors), and project management (accountability coaches).

Workshop Provider

We invite RMMFI mentors and Community members to share their expertise with our entrepreneurs as workshop providers! Accepted workshops will take place throughout the year and are determined by entrepreneur need and resources.

Thrive Mentor

Once our entrepreneurs graduate, volunteers are matched 1:1 with a graduate depending on their need and the volunteer’s expertise.  Also, in the RMMFI Co-working space, mentors can hold office hours for entrepreneur drop-ins.

Sunday FunDay Day of Volunteer

We are looking for wonderful people to support day-of operations for our Annual Sunday FunDay Fundraiser! If you have a love for events, people, and RMMFI, this is for you! This a one day commitment with minimal training before the event.  Volunteers will be in charge of pulling off this amazing event with class, lots of beer, and lots of fun!

Organizational Volunteer

RMMFI is consistently working towards building organizational capacity and completing various projects based on program initiatives.  In order for RMMFI to execute strategic internal objectives and meet deadlines, volunteers will be brought in as a support role to staff.  Organizational volunteers will work primarily behind the scenes while supervised by the respective staff member related to the project.