Become a RMMFI Volunteer

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There are many opportunities to get involved with RMMFI, from working directly with our entrepreneurs through mentorship and coaching to supporting the organization through events, research and development, and administration.

Our entrepreneurs are skilled in their craft or service and are working towards an actionable business plan.  Our mentors are supporting and helping the entrepreneur stretch and pivot their business model for the best success for the entrepreneur.

The Process

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1. Fill out the Volunteer Survey and we’ll be in touch!

2. Attend a programmatic event to experience our entrepreneurs and program!

3. Attend Community Orientation

4. Find the best fit!

Volunteer Opportunities

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Idea Navigator

Idea Navigators work with aspiring entrepreneurs that are new to RMMFI to help them create a high-level vision for their business and assess business feasibility and personal stability. Mentors help prepare entrepreneurs to enter our Business Launch Boot Camp and help connect them to other resources, as needed.

Boot Camp Mentor/Coach

Mentors and coaches support our entrepreneurs through RMMFI’s Launch program by providing real-world business knowledge and expertise (business mentors), financial understanding (financial mentors), and support to stay on track (accountability coaches).

Thrive Mentor

Thrive mentors are matched 1:1 with a graduate of our Business Launch Boot Camp to help them move past normal business hurdles and grow their business. Mentors are paired based on the entrepreneurs’ specific area of need.

Workshop Provider

Workshop providers share their expertise by helping design, lead, and facilitate Specialized Technical Assistance and “Whole Entrepreneur” workshops for current participants and graduates of our Business Launch Boot Camp. Workshops take place throughout the year and can be provided on a 1-time or ongoing basis.

Organizational Volunteer

Organizational volunteers provide additional capacity and expertise to RMMFI as we navigate opportunities to strengthen our organization and the programs we run.