Welcome to RMMFI

The Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute (RMMFI) is a non-profit organization that provides learning, lending, and coaching to grow Community Entrepreneurs who build businesses to advance along the pathway to self-sufficiency and self-worth. RMMFI’s brand of microfinance combines affordable and approachable business support services and flexible microloans to help individuals turn a good idea into an income-generating business.

RMMFI’s relationship based approach transforms Business Curious™ individuals into Business Serious™ entrepreneurs through process-driven programs that value hard work and opportunity for all.

What We Do-

RMMFI’s process for assisting individuals in attaching a plan to their dream of business ownership

Access to small, low-risk loans to launch or grow a business concept

Systems-based approach to helping entrepreneurs improve core business functions without public or private support

RMMFI Lingo-

Self Suf-fi-cien-cy—[self suh-fish-uhn-see] 1.  An individual or family’s ability to earn a total income that allows them to make ends meet without public or private support

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